Welcome... and thank you for visiting HiveSensors.com! Our website is here to offer you our top of the line Hive Sensors as well as custom built units to suit your specific Bee Research needs. At Hive Sensors.com our main goal is to get the very best Bee Research Tools into the hands of researchers as soon as possible, and provide them at affordable costs.

·       We offer compact wired and wireless environmental hive sensors for use in experimental bee research.

·       Remote data collection, Emergency alerts as well as local data logging tools.

·       Extremely low power for long life in the field and use in remote locations without power resources.

·       Small size for less obtrusive experiments.

Our goal is to provide tools that are easy to operate and get up and running quickly. We are constantly improving our technology based on field experience, user comments and suggestions.

We hope you enjoy our website, and please consider letting Hive Sensors.com help you with the Bee Research Tool you are looking for!

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